What we do:

At Beverley Ordman and Associates we provide professional and personalised services in Audiology, speech and language therapy, hearing aids, hearing protection and hearing devices.


We offer hearing testing for newborns, children and adults with the latest diagnostic equipment and testing methods. We are able to perform a battery of tests to diagnose the type and degree of hearing loss and provide the necessary referrals for any medical related concerns.

Hearing Aids

Our practice offers the latest world class options in hearing device technology. We explore various options suitable for each individual, making sure that everyone has a tailor-made solution to suit their needs and lifestyle.

Speech - Language

Our team is able to assess and diagnose speech, language and communication disorders in the pediatric population as well as devise individualized therapy programs to help treat and manage them.

Hearing Accessories
& Protection

We offer custom made swimplugs, sleep plugs and hearing protection devices for various needs: musicians, shooters, motorcyclists.