Hearing Accessories and
Protection Devices

Our practice offers a range of hearing aid batteries in all sizes, hearing aid cleaning tools, dri-aid capsules and hearing aid dehumidifiers, hearing aid cleaning wipes and hearing aid battery testers. We also stock ear wax cleaning solutions.

Custom-made Swim-plugs and Noise Plugs For Children & Adults

Protecting the ears around water is essential especially if there is an infection present, a perforation in the eardrum or if your child has had grommets. Customized swim-plugs are the most effective ways of keeping your child's ears free from water without worry. They fit your child's ear snugly both in the first part of your child's ear canal and around the opening of the canal to ensure maximum protection against water exposure. Our practice offers customized swim-plugs as well as a range of  disposable swim-plugs. In addition, our practice offers customized noise protection for shooters, musicians and for noisy work environments. They are also suitable to use for concerts, sporting events, night clubs etc. Sleeping plugs are also available.

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