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    Speech and Hearing

    Welcome to Park Lane Speech and Hearing, an audiology and speech language therapy practice, located inside the Park Lane Hospital in Johannesburg. We specialise in the following fields: audiology, hearing aids and speech-language therapy.

  • What we do

    Park Lane Speech and Hearing provide the following services:

    hearing testing from newborns to adults, hearing aids, speech-language assessments and therapy.

  • Where we are

    We are located in the Park Lane Hospital in Parktown, Johannesburg in South Africa.

    Our practice is on the Lower Ground Floor, South Wing, 14 Junction Ave, Parktown 2193. Call us at (011) 480 4237 / 4258 to book your consultation.

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Language Therapy

Language Assessment and Therapy

Language Therapy is designed to assist  children and young people from birth to adolescence, who have speech, language and communication difficulties. This refers to both spoken and written language skills, which can influence not only communication skills but also academic achievement, social adjustment and overall development. 

In the initial consultation, all children have to be assessed in order to ascertain their areas of difficulty and in order to plan a therapy programme. Therapy would generally occur either once or twice a week, depending on the needs of the child.

Each child has their own tailor-made intervention plan as no two children are the same.

The main focus of our work is to help youngsters develop the best possible communication and language skills they can in light of their difficulties.