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    Welcome to Park Lane Speech and Hearing, an audiology and speech language therapy practice, located inside the Park Lane Hospital in Johannesburg. We specialise in the following fields: audiology, hearing aids and speech-language therapy.

  • What we do

    Park Lane Speech and Hearing provide the following services:

    hearing testing from newborns to adults, hearing aids, speech-language assessments and therapy.

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    We are located in the Park Lane Hospital in Parktown, Johannesburg in South Africa.

    Our practice is on the Lower Ground Floor, South Wing, 14 Junction Ave, Parktown 2193. Call us at (011) 480 4237 / 4258 to book your consultation.

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Hearing Tests

A hearing assessment comprises a number of tests that measure how well you hear a variety of sounds such as tones and speech.

Hearing tests are conducted in special sound booths or extremely quiet rooms. In general, hearing tests result in one of two outcomes:

  • normal hearing or
  • some degree of hearing loss, ranging from mild to severe/profound.

Studies have shown that if a hearing loss goes undiagnosed, it can worsen quicker than a hearing loss that is identified and treated earlier. Because some hearing losses appear gradually, you may be unaware of its onset, so do not delay having your hearing tested!

If you have difficulty hearing, you are not alone. 1 in 2 people over the age of 50 experience some degree of hearing loss.

If you present with any of these symptoms, a hearing test is recommended.


Hearing test pics 2019

Sign of hearing loss No 1

  Do you feel tired and irritable at the end of the day due to the energy you have used just to listen?

Sign of hearing loss No 2

  Do you feel that people mumble and do you have to ask people to repeat themselves?

Sign of hearing loss No 3

  Do you have trouble hearing on the phone?

Sign of hearing loss No 4

  Do you struggle to hear people talk particularly in background noise

Sign of hearing loss No 5

  Do you struggle to hear the TV or radio clearly?